Artist Statement

Zebra Fine Arts is my fine art and graphics work.

I hope you enjoy.

As a Florid native, I take inspiration from my life’s experiences. My earliest and most cherished influence was my artist grandmother, Frances Beggs who always encouraged me in the arts with her life and works, The places that I have traveled like Argentina and China have definitely brought something to my designs. Also growing up in Florida and having the opportunity to be near the waves rolling in on the beach help to shape my love of nature and influence my work.

I try to live my life as an artist, viewing everything through the eye of an artist. My grandmother told me many years ago to look at things; really look at them. Don’t look at them to see what your mind knows, study them to find out what is different, what you can learn from them. Then you can try to create art from what you have learned.

My work includes:
Acrylic Paintings - using mostly a palette knife - geometric graphic, bold colors and metallic paint and the use of added materials like papers and natural items

One feature of some of my paintings is that there is no set TOP of the work. It creates the ability to rotate them so you can see something different.

Photography - Nature and music events

Graphic Design - Print and electronic designs. Logos, business cards, posters and flyers, T-shirts, CD

Jewelry - one of a kind necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Handmade Purses - all hand sewn one of a kind pieces

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